Year 7 Introduction

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During Year 7 we introduce students to two of the key ideas in Biology:  Cells and Interdependence.

Cells are the building blocks of life and we will develop students' knowledge and understanding:

- cells are relatively very small;
- 'typical' plant and animal cells have similarities and differences;
- all living organisms are made up of one or more cells;
- visible everyday living organisms are multicellular.

Having many cells allows for the specialisation of cells, tissues and organs.  The function of specialised cells depends on their structure.  The survival of whole organisms depends on the successful working of all of their parts.

We will develop ideas about how communities of organisms live together and develop, and how numbers of some species may change over time because of competition or changes in the habitat.

- Organisms  that belong to the same species share many characteristics. 
- Living things are adapted to the environment in a variety of ways.
- Variation in living things is fundamental and inevitable.
- Food chains are interconnected and feeding relationships can be more accurately described using food webs.